By Associated Press, The New York Times | August 21, 2018

MIAMI — Patricia and Jeff Rodgers figured they did everything right to get rich beyond their wildest dreams selling Herbalife health and personal care products. They attended all of the “Circle of Success” events, brought in new recruits, met their quotas on buying Herbalife goods to sell and even set up a storefront shop.

But they didn’t get rich. Instead, Patricia Rodgers estimates the couple lost over $100,000, including about $20,000 spent on attending Herbalife events. Now, the couple and others are suing the multi-level marketing company that sells its products through a network of distributors who recruit more distributors. The potential class-action case could involve more than 100,000 plaintiffs and might mean as much as $1 billion in damages.


“They felt like they were chasing a ghost. It’s the event you missed that would have changed your life,” Mark said. “These tens of thousands of people in this case lost money. I believe the vast majority of people lose money through the Herbalife opportunity.”


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